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Four simple ways to support ocean conservation

Posted 24/10/2023

By Alicja Szalanska

Wild Coast Sussex Volunteer

The oceans, with their mesmerising depths and diverse marine life, are vital to our planet’s health. Yet, they face growing threats like pollution, climate change, and habitat loss. Fortunately, you can make a meaningful difference by taking small steps. In this blog post, we’ll explore five easy actions you can take for the ocean.

1. Take3fortheSea

Originating in Australia, the Take3fortheSea campaign has gained global traction. The idea is straightforward: when you visit a beach or coastal area, pick up three pieces of litter. This small act collectively reduces pollution and protects marine life. It’s a simple way to keep our beaches and oceans clean.

2. The 2-minute Beach Clean

Similar to Take3fortheSea, the 2-minute Beach Clean encourages beachgoers to spend just two minutes picking up trash and debris. Bring a bag and protective gloves, and before you leave the beach, perform a quick clean-up. This swift action prevents plastics and harmful materials from entering the ocean. If you do not have gloves, remember to disinfect your hands after handling any litter and debris and do not touch anything sharp – safety first!

 © Sophia Pinheiro-Vergara

3. Opt for Reef-safe Sunscreen

Conventional sunscreens often contain harmful chemicals that harm coral reefs and marine life. If its an option for you, opt for reef-safe and eco-friendly sunscreen options to protect yourself from the sun without harming the ocean’s fragile ecosystems. A suncream is deemed ocean safe if it does not contain oxybenzone and octinoxate.

4. Reduce Single-use Plastics

To reduce plastic waste in our oceans, limit your use of single-use plastic items. Bring reusable water bottles and avoid disposable plastic straws, cups, and cutlery. These minor changes can significantly reduce plastic pollution.

In conclusion, safeguarding the ocean doesn’t demand heroic efforts. These four small actions collectively contribute to preserving the beauty and biodiversity of our oceans. So, on your next beach visit, remember that you are helping to secure a brighter future for our oceans and the creatures that inhabit them.

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